Work done for The State News at Michigan State University

Two Maxwells

MSU quarterback's transformation from one game to the next

Political imbalance

How United States women are under-represented in politics

Israel & MSU

Michigan State students affected by Israel-Hamas conflict

Continental Connection

Links between Michigan State and universities across African continent

Clutch drive

MSU quarterback Andrew Maxwell led a key, game-tying drive at Wisconsin

Sexual Health

Sexual parterns and condom usage among MSU students

East Lansing crimes

Crimes in East Lansing and on MSU's campus in early 2012

University Values

In- and out-of-state value of Big Ten Universities

MSU Student Ethnicity

Ethnic backgrounds of students at MSU

Work done independently


English national football team struggles in major tournaments

India's Languages

India's lack of a common language has caused social problems

Under control?

Comparing economic development in China and India since 1980

Urban Sprawl

Comparing the urban make-up of the world's five most heavily populated countries

Places traveled

Airports visited and countries traveled-to

Program transformed

Brady Hoke's emphasis on defense changes U-M football program his first year in charge